Digital Product Passport

Demo for apparel, sport and fashion

Join us at the forefront of innovation during Oslo Innovation Week!

Digital product passports (DPP) will become mandatory in the apparel, sport and fashion industry. Join us for an event that goes beyond surface-level discussions.

Meet experts from across the field to learn more about the benefits and how to adapt it to your business strategy. During the event, we will share knowledge on coming regulations and provide live demonstrations of technical solutions and future possibilities.

Our speakers will navigate the intricate landscape of the textile industry. Attendees will gain insights into the regulatory frameworks as well as getting a demonstration of how to start preparing for a digital product passport.

Thursday 28. September

– four identical tracs

Choose between the following four identical tracks, repeated throughout the day:

  • First round       09-11
  • Second round   11-13
  • Third round      13-15
  • Fourth round    15-17

As the venue has limited space – please secure your seat by registering below!

GS1 Norway Smart Centre

Brynsveien 11, Oslo


Gisle Mariani Mardal

Anders Askevold
GS1 Norway

Line Staxrud Eriksen
Holzweiler Items

Camilla Mjelde
Trimco Group

Mariann Nærland Norheim

Kim André Dalsaune

Register to demo, Digital Product Passport (DPP) in GS1 Norway Smart Centre Sept. 28th (during Oslo innovation week 2023)

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